Medical Papers and Publications

This is a list of selected medical references, citations and publications regarding fecal microbiota transplant. The list will be added to regularly as more are written in various medical journals and scientific publications.

Borody, Thomas J., et al. "Treatment of ulcerative colitis using fecal bacteriotherapy." Journal of clinical gastroenterology 37.1 (2003): 42-47.

Kahn, Stacy A., Sona Young, and David T. Rubin. "Colonoscopic Fecal Microbiota Transplant for Recurrent Clostridium difficile Infection in a Child." The American Journal of Gastroenterology 107.12 (2012): 1930-1931.


  1. I saw a reference to using FMT for RA & Celiac disease, but have not found any research to back this up.
    Do you know of any studies or any doctors willing to use FMT for these conditions? I also have auto-immune hashimoto's thyroiditis and early signs of Parkinson's Disease.
    Thanks for any ideas

    1. I haven't seen anything specifically, but it is mentioned in this article at the Mayo Clinic -

      It's all quite new when we branch out into FMT being beneficial for conditions other than c-difficile or ulcerative colitis. Unfortunately the FDA in the USA have made it much more difficult and time consuming (and off-putting) for doctors who want to help their patients for all but the toughest cases of c-diff and that certainly doesn't help progress :-(

      Here is some more information that might be of some small help! and


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